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Treated Naturally

BDS Natural Products imports and manufacturers a complete line of spices that meet the quality standards set forth by the American Spice Trade Association. With the addition of our own in-house steam sterilization chamber we are now able to offer a full line of spices that have been Treated Naturally with Steam.

Product List

Allspice, Ground Foenugreek, Whole
Anise Seed, Ground Garlic, Chinese Ground
Anise Seed, Whole Ginger, Ground
Anise Star Guajilo Chili Pepper
Basil, Whole Egyptian Habanero Red Chili Pepper
Bay Leaves Hibiscus, Whole
Black Pepper, Ground 8-10 mesh Mace, Ground
Black Pepper, Ground 16-18 mesh Marjoram, Ground
Black Pepper, Ground 18-20 mesh Nutmeg, Ground
Black Pepper, Ground 28 mesh Oregano, Mexican
Black Pepper, Ground 50 mesh Oregano, Turkish
Black Pepper, Whole Paprika ASTA 85 & 120
Cayenne 40 HU Parsley
Cayenne 100 HU Peppercorns, Green
Celery Seed, Ground Peppercorns, Pink
Celery Seed, Whole White Pepper, Ground
Cilantro Flakes White Pepper, Whole
Cinnamon, Ground 2% V.O. Peppermint
Cloves Ground Red Pepper Crushed
Coriander, Ground Rosemary Leaves, Ground
Coriander, Cracked Rosemary Leaves, Whole
Cumin, Ground Sage, Ground
Fennel, Cracked Savory
Fennel, Ground Spearmint
Fennel, Whole Thyme, Ground
Foenugreek, Ground Thyme, Whole
  Turmeric, Ground