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Botanical Powders

Steam Sterilization

Our in-house sterilization chamber utilizes newly developed technology which facilitates rapid penetration of steam and the transfer of heat throughout the materials being sterilized. This unique system enables us to control the temperature, pressure and duration of the steam process to meet the unique requirements of the products being treated. The result is an all natural, highly effective sterilization process.

Product List

Alfalfa Herb  Gymnema Sylvestre
 Allspice  Hawthorne Berries
 Althea Root  Hibiscus Flowers
 Anise Seed  Horehound Herb
 Arrowroot  Horsetail Herb
 Artichoke  Hyssop Herb
 Astragulus Root  Ipe Roxo Bark
 Barley Grass  Juniper Berries
 Bayberry Root Bark  Kudzu Root
 Bee Pollen  Lemon Balm
 Beet Powder  Licorice Root
 Bilberry Leaves  Milk Thistle Seed
 Black Cohosh Root  Muira Puama
 Black Walnut Hulls  Mullein Leaves
 Blessed Thistle Herb  Nettle Leaves
 Blueberry Leaves  Nettle Root
 Buckthorn Bark  Oatstraw
 Burdock Root  Orange Peel Tea Cut
 Carrot Powder  Oregon Grape Root
 Cascara Sagrada Bark  Papaya Leaves
 Catnip Herb  Parsley Leaf
 Cat’s Claw Bark  Passion Flower Herb
 Catuaba  Peppermint Leaves
 Cayenne Pepper  Plantain Leaves
 Celery Seed  Prickly Ash Bark
 Chamomile Flowers  Psyllium Husk
 Chickweed Herb  Psyllium Seed
 Cinnamon Bark  Pumpkin Seed
 Crampbark  Red Clover Tops
 Damiana Leaves  Red Raspberry Leaves
 Dandelion Leaves  Rhubarb Root
 Dandelion Root F/C Raw  Rosehips
 Dandelion Root Roasted  Rosemary Leaf
 Dong Quai Root  Sage Leaves
 Echinacea Angustifolia Herb  Sarsaparilla Root
 Echinacea Angustifolia Root  Saw Palmetto Berry
 Echinacea Purpurea Herb  Schisandra Berry
 Echinacea Purpurea Root  Scullcap Herb
 Elecampane Root  Senna Leaves
 Eucalyptus Leaf  Slippery Elm Bark
 Eyebright Herb  Spearmint Leaves
 Fenugreek Seed  Spinach Powder
 Feverfew Herb  St. John’s Wort Herb
 Foti  Stevia Leaves
 Garlic  Suma
 Gentian Root  Uva Ursi Leaves
 Ginger Root  Valerian Root
 Ginkgo Leaves  Vitex Agnus Castus
 Ginseng, Eleuthero  Wheat Grass
 Goldenseal Herb  White Willow Bark
 Goldenseal Root  Wild Yam
 Gota Kola Herb  Yarrow Flowers
 Green Tea Leaf  Yellowdock Root
 Guarana Seed  Yerba Mate